“Baobab Re:born project vol.6 “Please! Laughing Frame””

This is a video adaptation of the signature repertoire by Baobab, a dance company that has won attention through appearances in various festivals in Japan and abroad, as well as numerous independent performances. It is a metafictional documentary that portrays dance as a picture and existing dance genres as a “picture frame” or framework, in which the dancers inside attempt to leap outside it to be free, going back and forth between fiction and reality. The beginning to the middle of the video is in documentary style, where the company’s leader KITAO Wataru and the dancers reveal their thoughts and ideals towards dance. The latter part is set in the deserted lobby of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, where they unleash their rhythmical and uniquely dynamic dance unbounded by the frame. It shows the kitschy side of their struggles to go against the “framework of dance,” sometimes with an antithesis.

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)

<Performance Credits>
Director / Choreographer: KITAO Wataru(Baobab)
[Baobab Trial]YAMAGUCHI Shizuka,KATSU Suzuha,ASAKAWA Kanae
[Baobab]SCHMITZ Monika,MEZAWA Fuyuko,YONEDA Saori, KITAO Wataru
Administrator: SHIRAI Miyu(Baobab)
Producer: MEZAWA Fuyuko(Baobab)
Music: Dick El Demasiado “Sabado Cultural”
Lighting: KOBAYASHI Masahiro
AD: SOMEMIYA Hisaki(Baobab)
Camera: KURIBAYASHI Takayuki
Camera / Recording / VE: ENDO Masanori
Director of Photography / interview: MIYAI Yu
Video Director / Script / Edit: NAKASE Syungsuke(Baobab)
Location: Japan Airport Terminal Co.,Ltd. / Shieian / ZIGSAW
Prop: GAKUBO Kao
Production: NEWruler inc.

(c) The Japan Foundation All Rights Reserved