Available in EN/簡中/繁中/FR/IN/RU Subtitles

“Electra” was first performed in November 2021 as an international collaboration between members of SCOT (Suzuki Company of Toga) in Japan, led by SUZUKI Tadashi, and Indonesian actors. SCOT previously produced the play “Dionysus” (co-produced by the Japan Foundation Asia Center), which was directed by SUZUKI and performed by Japanese, Indonesian, and Chinese actors from 2015 to 2019. Building on the success of “Dionysus”, SUZUKI selected Indonesian actors trained with the Suzuki Method of Actor Training under the supervision of Indonesian producer Restu I. Kusumaningrum.

SUZUKI once wrote that “All the world’s a hospital, and all the men and women merely inmates.” This play expands on this theme, telling the story of Electra and her family, and her struggle with the murder of her father at the hands of her mother and her mother’s lover. The story portrays the never-ending chain of hatred and madness, expressed through the intense movements of the chorus in wheelchairs and the silent presence of the doctor and nurses. Acclaimed Japanese percussionist TAKADA Midori provides the accompaniment, vividly expressing the emotional turmoil of the characters with her music. “Electra” presents the world with a new perspective on the ancient Greek tragedy.

“Electra” was produced for Japan Foundation’s International Creations in Performing Arts 2021.

<Performance Credits>
Director: SUZUKI Tadashi
Original work by: Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Sophocles
Music composed and performed by: TAKADA Midori
Clytemnestra: SAITO Maki
Electra: Andhini Puteri Lestari
Chrysothemis: Agatha Irena Praditya
Orestes: Jamaluddin Latif
Chorus (Men in Wheelchairs): Dian Nova Saputra,Wahyu Kurnia,
Erik Nofriwandi,Ahmad Ridwan Fadjri,Washadi
Nurses: KIYAMA Haruka,KITO Risa,SHIN Marie,YOSHINO Karen,SUGIMOTO Sachi,FUSO Miyuna
Doctor: Bambang Prihadi
Set Design: SUZUKI Tadashi
Lighting: NIWA Makoto
Sound: KOBAYASHI Junya
Costumes: MITSUDA Toshimi
Assistant Directors: TAKEMORI Yoichi,SATO-JOHNSON Aki,
Bambang Prihadi,Anak Agung Iswara
Administrator:Wiwit Roswita
Producers: SHIGEMASA Yoshie,Restu I. Kusumaningrum

Filmed at the Toga Grand Theatre (Toga Dai-Sanbo) on November 27, 2021

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e ) and SCOT
(https://www.scot-suzukicompany.com/en/ )
Produced by: SCOT
Co-produced by: Purnati Indonesia

<Subtitling Credits>
English subtitles: SCOT
French subtitles: Claude MICHEL-LESNE
Russian subtitles: NAKAGAWA Elena
Chinese subtitles (simplified): TAMURA Yoko
Chinese subtitles (traditional): IKEDA Lily Chenran
Indonesian subtitles: Wiwit Roswita and Hanggardha Priyahita (Text translated by Nirwan Dewanto)