“Everyone Should Just Die”

The things we love and treasure are slowly being taken away by something unfair.

This horror-comedy is a remake of “Everyone Should Just Die,” which premiered in 2016, depicting the mysterious fates of the people living in a women-only apartment. A nurse, Aki Hagiya, and the other female residents get involved in a series of bizarre events. Aki herself is troubled by the phenomenon that her mother, who is supposed to be deceased, brings the garbage Aki threw away back to the apartment. Then, on October 31st, as the fireworks light up the skies of Shibuya, in the wake of the unusual excitement of Halloween, the world begins to fall apart.

Based on the theme, “you’re going to die anyway,” this sensational work by the theatrical unit “Usagi Stripe” uses theatrical lies to depict the connection between death and everyday life.

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)

<Performance Credits>
Written and directed by: OIKE Yoko (Usagi Stripe)(https://usagistripe.com/
Performers: SHIMIZU Midori, HAN Mew, Ayakannu, ITO Tsuyoshi (Seinendan Links Yashago / Seinendan), KOTAKI Mariko (Usagi Stripe / Seinendan), KAMEYAMA Hirofumi (Usagi Stripe)
Stage manager: YOSHINO Aoi
Set design: SHINKAI Yuta
Lighting: KUROTA Takaaki(Kurozaru)
Lighting operator:MASE Shinpei
Sound effect: SENDA Yuta
Sound operator: AKITA Yuji
Props: CHEN Yen Chun
Production Coordination: KANAZAWA Akira (Usagi Stripe)
Publicity design: NISHI Yasuhiro (Usagi Stripe)
In cooperation with: Seinendan, Seinendan Links Yashago, letre Inc., WONDER VILLAGE Inc., Kurozaru

<Subtitling Credits>
English Translation: Samuel MALISSA
French Translation: Miyako SLOCOMBE
Korean Translation: Hong-i LEE
Russian Translation: Viktor NIZHELSKOY
Thai Translation: BIPAM, Patarasorn KOOPIPAT

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