“Five-Minute walk from YouTube Hot Springs Station, Higashi Kujo, Shinjuku-ku, Mie Prefecture”

Midori Kurata and Norimizu Ameya “Five-Minute walk from YouTube Hot Springs Station, Higashi Kujo, Shinjuku-ku, Mie Prefecture”

KURATA Midori has been creating works based on actual events in which she reflects on herself and others; AMEYA Norimizu has continually created works that focus on his fascination with life regardless of the genre. Both artists have moved audiences, not by using actors in defined roles, but through performances that evoke the memories and lives of people and places.

In the summer of 2021, they were joined by KURATA’s friend, URA Hirotoshi, and AMEYA’s daughter, Kurumi, as well as UYAMA Kokona, a guitar-playing girl from the same town as URA, among others, for the shooting of how their personal histories and worlds interconnect with one other on a day-to-day basis. In September of the same year, they presented the video to an audience at the Kyoto Art Center. This video was the first joint production by the two directors and has been re-edited with scenes from that presentation. It has a strong message that will shake your perception of values.

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<Performance Credits>
Directors: KURATA Midori, AMEYA Norimizu
Video Shooting / Recording / Editing: HIRASAWA Naoyuki
Casts: KURATA Midori, AMEYA Norimizu, URA Hirotoshi, Kurumi, UYAMA Kokona
Director assistants: NISHIJIMA Aki, HIRASAWA Naoyuki
Sound adjustment: KODA Toru
Musical playing: UYAMA Kokona
Shooting cooperation: Korosuke, KURATA Takeshi, KURATA Asami, UYAMA Seriko, YUMISASHI Kanji, Irish pub THE STONES -kyoto-

Kyoto Performance

Stage manager: OTA Kazushi
Sound design: KODA Toru
Lighting design: UOMORI Rie (kehaiworks)
Video recording: MATSUMI Takuya, SHIMADA Yoshitaka
Planning and Organizer: precog co.,LTD.
Co-sponsored: Kyoto Art Center|Co-program2021 Category-D ”KAC selection”
Planning and Produced by precog Co., Ltd.

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