“From Kenji Miyazawa / Yumenoshima “The Phenomenon Called I””

This work is the first half of Kenji Miyazawa/From Yumenoshima, a double bill by AMEYA Norimizu and Romeo CASTELLUCCI that was commissioned to open Festival/Tokyo 11. CASTELLUCCI, introduced by F/T to the works of the famed Japanese author/poet Miyazawa, chose to stage the prelude from the poetry collection Spring and Asura, using as his title the work’s opening line, “The Phenomenon Called I.”

The sun is setting over the Multipurpose Colosseum in Yumenoshima Park. Some one thousand spectators holding white flags enter and circle the large amphitheater. Forbidden from sitting in the thousand neatly arranged seats, they stand to watch the performance unfolding before them. The work, created just half a year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, became a grand requiem by this large group to the overwhelming power of nature from order to destruction.

Romeo CASTELLUCCI is a stage director and set designer hailing from Cesena, Italy. He is best known for his production of Dante’s Divine Comedy, which premiered at the Avignon International Festival in 2008 and subsequently toured worldwide, including Tokyo. He has gained attention in recent years for his work in opera.

Yumenoshima Park Multipurpose Colosseum
Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)
In cooperation with EPAD (https://epad.terrada.co.jp/)

Concept, Direction: Romeo CASTELLUCCI
Music: Scott GIBBONS
Assistant Direction: Silvia COSTA
Cast: AMEYA Norimizu, OYAMADA Milo
Lighting: TAKADA Masayoshi(RYU Co.,Ltd.)
Technical Manager: TORAKAWA Eiji + Karasuya
Technical Manager Assistant: KOUNO Chizuru
Stage Manager: NAKAHARA Kazuhiko
Sound System Design: zAk
Props: KURIYAMA Kayoko
Props Assistant: YOKOKAWA Naoko
Stage Assistants: YAMASHITA Tsubasa, JUMAN Akiko
Set Design Co-ordination: NORIMINE Masahiro
Sound Co-ordination: AIKAWA Akira(Sound Weeds Inc.)
Sound Operator: KOBAYAKAWA Yasutaka
Lighting Assistant: KAWASAKI Wataru(RYU Co.,Ltd.)
Lasers: KAST Co., Ltd.
Special Effects: GIMMICK Co., Ltd.
Set: OsafuneCo., Ltd.
Construction: Sanwa Butai Co., Ltd.
Interpretation: HONYA Asako
Video Documentation: SUDO Takaki

F/T Staff
Program Director:SOMA Chiaki
Producer:MAEDA Keizo
Production Co-ordinators:KOMORI Aya, TODA Fumiko, SANGO Sayaka
Production Assistants:OISHI Hiroki, SUNAGAWA Shiori

Organized by Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Toshima City, Tokyo Culture Creation Project(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Toshima Future Culture Foundation, Arts Network Japan (NPO-ANJ)
Produced in association with Japanese Centre of International Theatre Institute (ITI/UNESCO)

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