“Futuristic Space”

Futuristic Space is a collaboration between contemporary artist OHMAKI Shinji and Israeli choreographer Ella ROTHSCHILD.
OHMAKI is known for large-scale works that transform the surrounding space. His work in this show, “Liminal Air-Space-Time,” constitutes a thin membrane floating above the stage. Its shape changes as it undulates constantly against brilliant lighting. It hangs over the dancers, a representation of the many horrors such as war, natural disaster and epidemics with which mankind must live (a metaphor even more compelling in the wake of Covid).
The five performers, all experienced on the international stage, have a unique dance style that can veer from dramatic to delicate. Sometimes they join together in a collective entity to symbolize a new life, while at other times they simply watch each other. A constant calm rhythm continues throughout the performance.
The music is performed on stage by Gershon WAISERFIRER, whose distinctive physique and ambiance sets him apart as an other-worldly presence overlooking the dancers.
The performance shows people carrying on with their lives even in the face of immense challenges such as future devastation. It draws upon the primary power of dance as an artform directly linked to human life.

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)
In cooperation with EPAD (https://epad.terrada.co.jp/)

<Performance Credits>
Choreography, Direction: Ella Rothschild
Art: OHMAKI Shinji
Music: Gershon Waiserfirer
Performance: OMIYA Daisuke, SASAMOTO Ryoji, SUZUKI Ryu, YUASA Ema, Michal Sayfan
Costume: SHIMIZU Chiaki
Stage Manager: OZAKI So
Lighting: NAKAYAMA Nami
Sound: USHIKAWA Norimasa
Organizer: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 [Yokohama Arts Foundation]
Co-Organizer: Ambassade de France au Japon / Institut français du Japon, Yokohama Nigiwaiza [Yokohama Arts Foundation]
Supported by: The Agency of Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018

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