A co-production for International Creations in Performing Arts between Pascal RAMBERT, prominent French playwright and director, and Seinendan, a theater company lead by HIRATA Oriza. During his tenure as artistic director of the Théâtre de Gennevilliers, Rambert invited numerous Japanese theater artists to France and introduced the appeal of contemporary Japanese theater to the French public. He visits Japan regularly and performs his works in theaters all over Japan. He and Hirata have worked closely over the years on many collaborative projects with the KOMABA AGORA THEATER, the base of Seinendan.
This play is the first play Rambert wrote for Japanese actors, as a culmination of long-time exchange between the two.
The story takes place on New Year’s day, when a family that transformed a small company into a major international corporation in a single generation gathers together with friends and relatives, and an issue highlighted on social media sheds light on the family’s hidden struggles.

“KOTATSU” was produced for Japan Foundation’s International Creations in Performing Arts 2021.
Pascal Rambert and Oriza Hirata’s Discussion Video on “KOTATSU”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcXKgLCo670

<Performance Credits>
Written and directed by Pascal RAMBERT
Co-directed by and Japanese Language Supervisor: HIRATA Oriza
Translated by HIRANO Akihito

Performers: YAMAUCHI Kenji, HYODO Kumi, OTA Hiroshi, CHINEN Mima, SHIN Suhkye, OGINO Yuri, SATO Shigeru, MORI Issei, NAGOYA Megumi, ASAMURA Kamilla
Stage Design: HAMAZAKI Kenji
Lighting: NISHIMOTO Aya
Costumes: MASAKANE Aya, NAKAHARA Akiko
Sound: SENDA Yuta, AKITA Yuji
Stage Manager: HARIMA Aiko
Props: CHEN Yen Chun
Video: UTAGAWA Tatsuhito
Assistant Director: OHARA Hana, YAMAGUCHI Keiko
Interpreter: ISHIKAWA Hiromi

Production Co-ordination: NISHIO Sachiko (Sistema, Inc.), Pauline ROUSSILLE (structure production)

Presented by The Japan Foundation (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/) , Agora Planning LTD./Komaba Agora Theater (http://www.seinendan.org/) , structure production (https://structureproduction.com/en/)
Co-Produced by The Japan Foundation, Agora Planning LTD・Komaba Agora Theater, structure production

Filming & Editing: UTAGAWA Tatsuhito

<Subtitling Credits>
French Subtitles: Pascal RAMBERT
English Translation: Steve CORBEIL
Spanish Translation: Pablo García CANGA, Cristina R. LESMES

<Related Information>
Online Talk Session: https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/project/culture/perform/creation/2021/talksession.html
Creative Process Report: TBA

End date of distribution: 30/9/2023