“Noh: Mystery, Myth & Movement”

Noh is a masked music and dance drama with a beauty that transcends time. Flowers, birds and animals that constantly change through the four seasons are evoked through the unique chanting style of Noh. It not only shows the movement of nature, but expresses deep and powerful human emotion. At times, the space of the Noh stage can be filled with dazzling color and spectacle and at times, the drama is expressed through the most severe minimalism. Noh is a bridge between worlds of life and death that allows the imagination of the audience to take off, showing the ghosts of famous people, fearsome vengeful spirits and the purity of the Shinto gods of Japan.

The Noh play “Tatsuta” is on the theme of a Shinto shrine to the goddess of the red autumn leaves. We will explore how this play evokes the feeling of the autumn landscape through extensive footage of an actual performance of this play. Also, the program will further look at the world of Noh by seeing how its aesthetics have inspired the traditional fabrics and brocades of the craftspeople of Kyoto.

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)

<Program Credits>
Performers: KATAYAMA Kurouemon, HOSHO Kinya, SUGI Shintaro, KICHISAKA Ichiro,
YAMAMOTO Tetsuya, MAEKAWA Mitsunori etc.
Production Assistance: Kyoto Kanze Noh Theater, Tatsuta Shrine, Kodaiji Temple, Sasaki-noh-Robes
Documents Provided by: National Noh Theatre, Kobe City Museum
Supervision: Richard EMMERT
Video Image Production: NHK ENTERPRISES, INC.
Video Image Producer: SATO Takeshi
Video Image Director: OKAUCHI Hideaki
Video Music: ANAZAWA Hironori

<Subtitling Credits>
English Translation: Richard EMMERT
Chinese Translation (Simplified): Hanqing ZUO
Chinese Translation (Traditional):Yunhsien LIANG
French Translation: Véronique BRINDEAU
Indonesian Translation: Dewi ANGGRAENI
Russian Translation: Tatiana SOKOLOVA DELUSINA
Spanish Translation: Mauricio MARTINEZ (https://www.japonartesescenicas.org)

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End date of distribution: 3/6/2026