This solo dance is performed by MARO Akaji, an active butoh dancer, choreographer, director, and actor among many talents, as well as a dedicated teacher of butoh dance.
Directed by OMORI Tatsushi, a film director and actor as well as MARO’s son, this film was shot at a pond surrounded by a beech tree forest located at an altitude of 1,190 meters in Otari village, Kitaazumi district, Nagano prefecture.

The mystical ambiance created by his ethereal dance with the mist drifting across the water’s surface is brilliantly harmonized by the original music by Jeff MILLS, who has composed many of MARO’s recent works.
Leveraging his original style called “Temptenshiki” (meaning “being born into this world is a great talent in itself”), which has been highly acclaimed in Japan and abroad, he expresses the birth of ancient organisms in subtle and delicate ways.

Excerpt from “OBORO”

Creeping into my empty body
are the miraculous trajectories
of the ancient creatures,
forcing my ghostly self
to dance in a daze.

MARO Akaji (founder/leader of DAIRAKUDAKAN, butoh dancer, choreographer, actor)

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)

<Performance Credits>
Choreography, dramaturgy and title letter: MARO Akaji
Cast: MARO Akaji
Music: Jeff MILLS
Costume: DOMOTO Kyoko
Director: OMORI Tatsushi

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