“Ojami-hyon series Episode 5 Gravi-hyon”

Juggling around the world.

These episodes are a video series created by WATANABE Hisashi, a physical researcher and circus artist who is the founder of the Atama to Kuchi company that has performed in more than 15 countries.

This is about the adventures of a juggling monster, Ojami-hyon, who appears and performs in various places around the world. (In the dialect of western Japan, beanbag balls used by jugglers are known as “ojami.”)

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)

A juggling monster Ojami-hyon strays into a totally dark space.
There, a floating magical ball starts to tease Ojami-hyon…

<Performance Credits>
Playwright, Direction : WATANABE Hisashi
Juggling : WATANABE Hisashi
Production : Atama to Kuchi
Film & Edit : SAKURAGI Yoshiyuki
Filming Assistant : OKAMOTO Ayumi
Music : NAKAGAWA Yuki
Director of Photography : WATARIKAWA Tomohiko
Costume & Production Manager : GIBO Sakurako
Published in November 2021
Filmed in : THEATRE E9 KYOTO

<Promotional Text>
TANAKA Nobuko (English), KAWAZOE Fumiko (Japanese)

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