“Our Planet”

The theatre company Mamagoto was launched in 2009 by playwright and director SHIBA Yukio as an internal unit of the renowned Seinendan theater company. Our Planet is the company’s first production, and after its premiere it was awarded the 54th Kishida Kunio Drama Award in 2010. After touring in 2011 in six cities across Japan, and its later revival in Tokyo and Shodoshima in 2015, Our Planet has become SHIBA’s signature piece.

The score of Our Planet, “00:00:00” was written and composed by MIURA Koshi of Kuchiroro. It combines the sound of drums, piano and guitar, together with a sampled time signal that engraves rhythm, and is played by SHIBA himself on his PC. The fusion of dialogue and rap-style lyrics are delivered by performers in a circular performing space.

“Our Planet” is a play that compares the 100 years of a human life with the 10 billion years in the birth and death of a planet. The signal marks the time in the lives of Chi (from Chikyu, meaning Earth in Japanese) and her family in their apartment as well as the lifespan of the planet. As in Thornton Wilder’s classic, “Our Town”, which depicts the town’s citizens and the main character from a detached perspective, “Our Planet” brings together the lives of a planet and a young girl in a vision of “time” itself.

Mitaka City Arts Center

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)
In cooperation with EPAD (https://epad.terrada.co.jp/)

<Performance Credits>
Written & Directed by: SHIBA Yukio
Choreographed by: SHIRAGA Momoko
Music by: MIURA Koshi
Performers: OGAKI Yuya, KUROIWA Mika, SAITO Junko, TERADA Tsuyoshi, NAGAI Hideki, NAKAJIMA Yoshiko, HASHIDA Niina, YAMAUCHI Kenji
Stage Manager: SATO Megumi
Dramaturge: NOMURA Masashi
Scenographer: AOKI Takuya
Lighting Design by: ITO Hiroyuki
Sound Design by: HOSHINO Daisuke
Sound Assistant: NONAKA Yuri
Costume Design by: FUJITANI Kyoko
Costume Fabrication: HIDESHIMA Fumiko
Stage Assistant: YAMASHITA Tsubasa, KUMAKI Susumu
Associate Director: KIMATA Maki
Photographer: AOKI Tsukasa, HAMADA Hideaki
Promotional artwork: SEKIDA Kohei
Promotional Photo: HAMADA Hideaki
Video Shooting: IKEDA Mito
Production: KATO Nakaba、OKAMURA Takio、MORIKAWA Kenta
Production Assistant: TSUKUNI Urara、YAMASHITA Haruka
Executive Producer: MORIMOTO Takaki
Executive producer: MIYANAGA Takuo
Planned & produced by General Incorporated Association mamagoto, Mitaka City Arts Foundation
Organized by: Mitaka City Arts Foundation

<Subtitling Credits>
Chinese Translation (Simplified): Zhenzhen WU
Chinese Translation (Traditional): NITTA Yukio
English Translation: Gary Perlman
French Translation: Pascale Doderisse
Russian Translation: TARASOVA Ekaterina
Spanish Translation:Karla TOLEDO VELARDE

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