Futome Performance (NORIMATSU Kaoru, TETSUDA Emi) is a theater company based in Fukuoka Prefecture in western Japan.
Taking advantage of their plump bodies and unique physicality, the performers have presented numerous works in a body language differing from conventional dance. They may use their weight to crush a large number of cans, or draw lines with a pen on various parts of their body to discuss their life journeys up to their current weights.
In this work, they dance to music reminiscent of folk songs on the roof of a bare building projected against the setting of a local city. The title “Sento” means both “public bath” and “battle”. A dance unfolds combining looseness and power, like the stark contrast between relaxation and conflict. It is a dance created not from a standard type or style, but from the uniqueness of the performers’ own bodies.
Contemporary dance is open to all types of people, regardless of race, culture, or of course body type. This piece shows the diversity of Japanese dance in contrast with the stereotypically fast and strong dance style.

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Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)
In cooperation with EPAD (https://epad.terrada.co.jp/)

<Performance Credits>
Directed by: SHIRAGA Momoko(Momonga Complex)
Choreographed by: NORIMATSU Kaoru(FUTOME Performance)
Performers: NORIMATSU Kaoru, TETSUDA Emi(FUTOME Performance)
Music by: YABU Kumiko
Organized by: FUTOME Performance
Video Documentation and Editing: KOGA Yoshihiko(CHINZEI)

<Subtitling Credits>
Chinese Translation (Simplified): Zhenzhen WU
Chinese Translation (Traditional): Yukio NITTA
English Translation: Hisako IMAI
French Translation: Hanako MURAKAMI
Russian Translation: IBRAKHIM Inga
Spanish Translation: José Antonio AMBRIZ

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