“Taiko : Rhythms that Transcend Time”

The taiko drumming tradition has taken root all over Japan. Its origins were closely related to the country’s long history of rice farming and its distinctive view of nature. As the culture of taiko, through which people expressed their earnest prayers to the gods, spread throughout Japan, it underwent subtle changes. As a result, the rhythms of each region have their own characteristics, just like local dialects. HAYASHI Eitetsu, who has studied the various rhythms of each local region, is an internationally renowned taiko artist active on the front line of modern-day taiko performances. With him, we will unravel the spirit of prayer that Japanese people have long put into taiko and continue to do so today.

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<Program Credits>
【Solo performances】 HAYASHI Eitetsu
【Ensemble performances】 EITETSU HAYASHI with FU-UN NO KAI
(UEDA Shuichiro, HASE Mikita, TASHIRO Makoto, TSUJI Tasuku)
Production Assistance: Asano Taiko
Additional Materials: Tokyo National Museum, Colbase (https://colbase.nich.go.jp/?locale=en),
Chichibu Yataibayashi Hozonkai, NHK
Supervision: KOJIMA Tomiko
Video Image Production: NHK ENTERPRISES, INC.
Video Image Producers: HAMANO Takahiro, TAKAKI Eiji
Video Image Director: NAKAYAMA Lari Shintaro
Video Edit: NEZU Takehiro

<Subtitling Credits>
English Translation: TOYOZAKI Yoko, Stuart VARNAM-ATKIN
Chinese Translation (Simplified): Hanqing ZUO
Chinese Translation (Traditional): Yunhsien LIANG
French Translation: NAKAJIMA Naoko
Indonesian Translation: Dewi ANGGRAENI
Russian Translation: Tatiana SOKOLOVA DELUSINA
Spanish Translation: Mauricio MARTINEZ (https://www.japonartesescenicas.org)

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