“The Pacific Refreshment Room”

The Pacific Refreshment Room
The Pacific Refreshment Room had its first run in 2013, and was later rerun at Za Kōenji in Tokyo in December 2020. It was awarded the Osaka Governor’s Award and Best Actor Award at the Kadoma International Film Festival 2021.
This play is based on the true story of physician OISHI Seinosuke (1867-1911). The Pacific Refreshment Room was an actual Western-style restaurant opened by Dr. ŌISHI in his hometown Shingu in 1904. 1904 was also the year of the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War, which ŌISHI vehemently opposed. The name of the restaurant, moreover, resonates with his pacifist, egalitarian beliefs. While studying medicine in the US and Canada, ŌISHI worked part-time as a chef and after returning to Japan, he used his knowledge of western cooking to try to improve people’s lives in a local town.
On the day of the opening celebration of the restaurant, people from various backgrounds are invited to this restaurant, including Buddhist priest TAKAHAGI and Christian priece OKITA. They share food while also discussing the new ideas, such as humanism. Dr. ŌISHI, the monk, and pastor were socialist sympathizers who tried to help the poor and women.
Ultimately, their beliefs set them on a deadly collision with the authorities and Dr. ŌISHI is remembered today as one of twelve people executed in 1911 following the infamously fabricated High Treason Incident (the Taigyaku Jiken).
This play is a historical masterpiece that depicts fascinating characters humorously, based on the worst false accusation charges in Japanese history.

Za-Koenji Public Theatre 1

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)
In cooperation with EPAD (https://epad.terrada.co.jp/)

<Performance Credits>
Written by: DAKEMOTO Ayumi
Directed by: FUJII Go
Scenic Design by: NORIMINE Masahiro
Music by: NAKAMURA Hanako, ONISHII Reo
Lighting Design by: WADA Toshiko
Sound Design by: KONDO Tatsushi
Costume Design by: MIYAOKA Masue
Hair Stylist: MASUDA Mizuki
Stage Manager: TAKEI Yûki (StageDoctorCo.Ltd)
Assistant Director: SATO Moeko
Local Japanese Pronunciation Instructor: NAKASEKO Ken
Video Documentation and Editing: IZUMI Kuniaki (Arayz)
Performers: MAMIYA Hiroyuki, YOSHIMURA Sunao (Seinengekijo), KIYOHARA Tatsushi (Seinengekijo), AKAGI Yuka, SASAKI Umeji (Gekidan Mingei), KIYOTA Masahiro, AWANO Fumihiro (Bungakuza), NANPO Hiroki (Gekidan Toen), ENDO Yoshimi (Seinenza), YAMAGUCHI Masayoshi, NAKASEKO Ken, SHIMIZU Hiromi, TSUJIMOTO Kenta, AOYAMA Masashi, HIRANO Fumiko, TSUKARAHA Shouichi (Seinengekijo), TAIRA Nobuhiro (Office LR), YAMADA Yûki, HARATA Mai (Seinengekijo), SAITO Shinpei (Gekidan AUN)
Planning and Production: Memento C
Supported by: Japan Arts Council
In cooperation with: Creative Theatre Network, Za-Koenji Public Theatre
Sponcored by: AKITA Ujaku and Hijikata Yoshi Commemorative Seinen Theater

<Subtitling Credits>
Chinese Translation (Simplified): Jingnan DOU
Chinese Translation (Traditional): Muju TSAN
English Translation: YAMAGATA Mirei
French Translation: Edouard L’HERISSON
Russian Translation: Ekaterina TARASOVA
Spanish Translation: José Antonio AMBRIZ

This production contains some expressions that may be considered offensive or discriminatory. Please be aware that this is not reflective of prejudices held on the part of the production team, but rather is intended as a reflection of the era in which the play is set. Such terms have been preserved without alteration out of respect for the artistic integrity of the work.

End date of distribution: 19/3/2023