“The Question of Faeries”

The playwright and director ICHIHARA Satoko cleverly examines some of society’s outcasts

ICHIHARA Satoko confessed that she used to look down on some people before she even knew them, while herself feeling how difficult and frustrating life was in Japan. That was until she set out to inspire audiences, through this play, to look positively on every other person’s life — with the word “faeries” in the title representing “invisible things and people.”

Comprised of three different stories titled “Busu” (“Ugly Woman”), “Cockroach” and “Mangurt” (which she describes as “Yogurt made up of women’s bodily fluids”) that are each told either using Rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling), song or a seminar style, ICHIHARA’s work casts light through her critical gaze and indiocyncratic, cynical jokes on the normally unseen lives of people on society’s margins.

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/​)

<Perfomance Credits>
Written and directed by: ICHIHARA Satoko(http://qqq-qqq-qqq.com/?page_id=12)
Performers: TAKENAKA Kyoko, HYODO Mayo, YAMAMURA Takako (Seinendan) 
Music Composer: NUKATA Masashi (Tokyo Shiokoji / Nuthmique)
Set design: NAKAMURA Tomomi
English Subtitles: OGAWA Aya
Dramaturge: YOKOBORI Masahiko
Stage manager: IWAYA Chinatsu
Lighting: KAWASHIMA Reiko
Sound Effect: SHIINA Kouji 
Video: MATSUZAWA Nobuhiro, HORITA Sou
Company manager: MASUDA Yoshiki
Editor: SAKURAGI Yoshiyuki 
Supported by: The Saison Foundation
Performed as part of KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2018 Official Program

<Subtitling Credits>
Chinese Translation (Simplified) : Shuhan DONG
Chinese Translation (Traditional) : NITTA Yukio
English Translation: OGAWA Aya
French Translation: Miyako SLOCOMBE 
Korean Translation: Hong-i LEE
Portuguese Translation: 4ESTAÇÕES
Spanish Translation: Marta MOVA (DARUMA, SL)
Russian Translation: Viktor NIZHELSKOV

<Promotional Text>
TANAKA Nobuko (English), KAWAZOE Fumiko (Japanese)

End date of distribution: 31/3/2022