“To the End, One by One on Solitude Hill”

NISHIO Kaori has been writing and directing since founding her theater unit “Tori Koen (Bird Park)” when she was a student at the University of Tokyo. She attempts to shed a gentle light on things that are not implicitly “proper” in society but certainly exist from a slightly humorous purposely-unnoticing angle. Her works are characterized by words and art that convey physiological sensations and the quality of things just as they are, and by her direction style that emphasizes the persistence of things that “undeniably exist.” Her nomination for the Kishida Kunio Drama Award – one of the most prestigious awards in Japanese theater – has made her highly acclaimed as both a director and a playwright.
The characters in this play are a couple who met through an online dating app, a woman looking into the distance from her apartment balcony, and people chatting idly in a breakroom at work. What does she mean by “to end” it? This story is depicted through three generations of a family.

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)

<Performance Credits>
Written and directed by: NISHIO Kaori (Bird Park)(https://www.bird-park.com/)
Performers: ISHIKAWA Shuhei (Haiyuza), KIKUZAWA Masanori, TORISHIMA Akira (Haegiwa), HANAI Luna, FUSE Asuka(SPAC), WADA Hanako (Seinendan)
Set design: NAKAMURA Tomomi
Sound : NAKAMURA Hikaru
Sound operator: AKIATA Yuji
Lighting: NAKAYAMA Nami
Lighting assistant: SUGAYA Sakiko
Costume: KIYOKAWA Atsuko (atm)
Stage manager: KUMAKI Susumu
Dramaturge: PAKU Kenyu
Assistant Director:SHIMAMURA Yoshito (Hitonoaji)
Publicity design: SUZUKI Tetsuo
Production Coordination: FURUKAWA Mao, TANI Akiho, KANBAYASHI Haruka (syuz’gen)
Front of House:SUGAI Kazuki (office cassini), KUBOTA Saki, FUJITA Yuka, syuz’gen
Alliance:The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
Supported by: The Saison Foundation
In cooperation with: Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC)(Toyooka City), Haiyuza, Haegiwa, EsArtist, Shizuoka Performing Arts Center : SPAC, Seinendan, Rokushakudo, atm、Hitonoaji, office cassini
Video and editing: FUKATA Takayuki
Excerpt: From ITO Hiromi’s Yomitoki ‘Hannyashingyo’ (The Heart Sutra Explained) (pub. Asahi Shinbun) p.120 I.9- p.121 I.1
Reference: From ARAKAWA Yoji’s Shi to Kotoba (Poetry and Words) (pub. Iwanami Gendai Bunko) “Prose is an ‘abnormal’ thing.”

<Subtitling Credits>
Chinese Translation (Simplified) : Shu LIN
Chinese Translation (Traditional) : NITTA Yukio
English Translation: OGAWA Aya
French Translation: Steve CORBEIL
Russian Translation: Lyudmila SAAKYAN, Nataliya PUSHKOVA
Thai Translation: BIPAM, Pat-on PHIPATANAKUL

End date of distribution: 31/3/2023 (18h in Japan time)