“TOGE” is an international creation directed by ONODERA Shuji, aimed to create new body language performance. With LEE Ren Xin from Malaysia and LIU Juichu from Taiwan, the premier performance was held at KAAT in December 2021. This performance is inspired by the Animal Farm, the classic novel by George ORWELL. In the novel, exploited farm animals drive away their human owners and begin an egalitarian autonomy, only to end up replicating the same domination structure within themselves.
In TOGE, five female performers depict “people who are not aware of their position in the world.” There is no ruler; only people who just keep reacting to whatever happens there – Just like the animals in the novel. However, unlike the novel, these five women are self-reliant to the end. Maybe, if you could define your own happiness, you could live happily, regardless of your position in the world. Performed entirely without words.

“TOGE” was produced by the Japan Foundation for International Creations in Performing Arts 2021.

<Performance Credits>
Direction and Cast: ONODERA Shuji
Cast: KAJIHARA Akiko, LEE Ren Xin, SAKIYAMA Rina, LIU Juichu, FUJITA Momoko
Lighting: YAMAMORI Eiji
Sound Coordinator: IKEDA Nobu, YAMAMOTO Shuhei
Music: ONO Kishiro, OMURA Tomoya, TANNO Musashi
Scenic Design: HARADA Ai, ISHIGURO Takeshi
Costume Design: VuDuc DoanHung

Stage Manager: IWAYA Chinatsu
Video: IWAMOTO Takeshi
Presented by: The Japan Foundation(https://www.jpf.go.jp/e), Company Derashinera
Co-Organizer: YPAM Executive Committee
Produced by: Company Derashinera
Production cooperation: NISHIO Sachiko, SONODA Shoko