ISHINHA Theater Company is an Osaka-based theater company formed in 1970. Since their piece Shonen-gai (Boys’ town) in 1991, they have established the style of “jan-jan opera” in which many of the lines are broken down into words and spoken in Osaka dialect with a rhythm of 5 or 7 beats. In pursuit of the ephemerality of open air performance, Ishinha has not only created open-air stages and seats with even accommodation in remote islands, mountains, and “air pocket” spaces in cities. After the death of its leader, Yukichi Matsumoto, in 2016, ISHINHA disbanded after their 2017 performance of “AMAHARA” in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Twilight was performed in 2015 at a playground surrounded by mountains in Soni village, Nara Prefecture. In the middle of his journey, Wataru gets lost in the mountains of Nara and meets an active kid named Haru. With their love for maps and travel in common, the two become very close, and travel around villages and mountains together. Watching them by their side, is the grown up version of Wataru. Is the scene in front of their eyes the memory of adult Wataru, or a real journey? The present and the landscape of remembrance overlap in this wondrous piece.

Soni Village Kenmin Athletic Field (Nara)

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)
In cooperation with EPAD (https://epad.terrada.co.jp/)

<Performance Credits>
Written and Directed by: MATSUMOTO Yukichi
Music by: UCHIHASHI Kazuhisa
Performers: MORI Masashi, KANEKO Hitoshi, INOUE Kazuya,FUKUDA Yuichi, UPPO, ISHIMOTO Yumi, HIRANO Mai, YOSHIMOTO Hiroko, IMAI Miho, KUWAHARA Anna, NARA Iku, MATSUMOTO Sachie, NAGATA Ayana, ISHIHARA Nanako, IBUKI Yukiko, MATSUMOTO Haruka, SAKAI Haruka, MATSUNAGA Rio, KINUGAWA Mari, HIRAYAMA Yuzuko, MUROTANI Tomoko, YAMATSUJI Haruna and others
Stage Manager: OTA Kazushi
Scenic Design by: TANAKA Haruo, OTA Kazushi
Lighting Design by: YOSHIMOTO Yukiko(mahiru)
Sound Design by: TAJIKA Mitsuru
Sound Effect by: SATO Takenori
Stage Assistants: IGARASHI Daisuke, IKEDA Takeshi, UCHIDA Kinya, KASHIWAGI Hayato, KINJO Kohji, SHIRAFUJI Taruto, HASHIBA Hideaki, DODO Toshiharu, FUKUOKA Arashi, YAMAMOTO Shinichi, AIZAWA Reimi
Costume Design by: ISHINHA, OGATA Rie
Makeup: NAMURA Misa
Video Documentation and Editing: TATSUKAWA Shinsuke
Associate Producers: YAMASAKI Kanako, SHIMIZU Tsubasa
Organized by: ISHINHA / KANKARA Inc.

<Subtitling Credits>
Chinese Translation (Simplified): Shu LIN
Chinese Translation (Traditional): Muju TSAN
English Translation: YAMAGATA Mirei
French Translation: SOEJIMA Aya
Russian Translation: Inga IBRAKHIM
Spanish Translation: José Antonio AMBRIZ

<Promotional Text>

This production contains some expressions that may be considered offensive or discriminatory. Please be aware that this is not reflective of prejudices held on the part of the production team, but rather is intended as a reflection of the era in which the play is set. Such terms have been preserved without alteration out of respect for the artistic integrity of the work.

End date of distribution: 19/10/2023