“Work-In-Progress for Music Theatre Production”

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OKADA Toshiki and his theater company chelfitsch, contemporary musician FUJIKURA Dai, and Austria-based contemporary music ensemble Klangforum Wien present a new work-in-progress production that seeks to create an innovative and unprecedented form of musical theater.
OKADA and FUJIKURA explore the possibilities of a new relationship and interaction between speech and music, which sees actors performing with music that is a presence detached from the expression of sentiments and feelings, as opposed to singers delivering lyrics set to melody. Together OKADA and FUJIKURA have experimented with a process of exchanging feedback and engaging in discussion to generate a novel form of creative work.
This video compiles footage from the November 2021 work-in-progress production at Tower Hall Funabori and the post-performance joint press conference by OKADA and FUJIKURA.

“chelfitsch & Dai Fujikura with Klangforum Wien Work-In-Progress for Music Theatre Production” was produced for Japan Foundation’s International Creations in Performing Arts 2021.

[Music information]
never given (work in progress) for 5 players – FUJIKURA Dai / 藤倉大 作曲 (2021)
“never given” is a collage by FUJIKURA Dai created for the theatre project by the composer, using several of his existing compositions. The collaged works include GO, Another Place, Perpetual Spring, Engraving and newly written material.

<Performance Credits>
Playwright / Director: OKADA Toshiki
Composer: FUJIKURA Dai
Cast: AOYAGI Izumi, ASAKURA Chieko (absent in work-in-progress), OMURA Wataru, KAWASAKI Mariko, SHIIBASHI Ayana, YAZAWA Makoto
Music: Klangforum Wien (Video appearance), YOSHIDA Makoto (Clarinet), Ensemble NOMADO (String quartet)

Dramaturge YOKOBORI Masahiko
Stage Manager KAWAKAMI Daijiro
Sound Designer Nagie
Lighting Director TAKADA Masayoshi (RYU)
Video Director YAMADA Shimpei (AOZORA)

Shooting Director / Editor TOMITA Ryohei
Shooting ENDO Mikihiro, HYUN Woomin, NISHINO Masanobu
Photography KATO Kazuya

Presented by The Japan Foundation
Planning and produced by chelfitsch and precog
(*World premiere will be performed in 2023 commissioned by Wiener Festwochen.)

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<Subtitling Credits>
English Translation: OGAWA Aya
French Translation: Corinne ATLAN
German Translation: Andreas REGELSBERGER

End date of distribution: 30/4/2023