The three creators of “zero” — dancer/choreographer Kaiji Moriyama,  costume designer Kodue Hibino, and music composer Kohske Kawase — first came together in 2008 when they worked on the NHK children’s program, “Let’s get movin’!”

In that series, Moriyama — wearing Hibino-designed costumes representing such things as blood vessels, bones and internal organs — showed how they work and what they do by dancing comically to Kawase’s catchy pop music.

As “Let’s get movin’!” became more and more popular, in 2010 the three collaborators took the idea into theaters with a show titled “LIVE BONE.”  They have since staged that work in more than 27 cities in Japan and overseas, including in Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia, as well as Singapore and Bangkok.

Then, on Dec. 20, 2020, they presented their latest work, “zero,” in GALLERY A⁴ in Tokyo — which is where they first performed “LIVE BONE” 10 years before.

For “zero,” themed on the Covid-19 pandemic, Hibino created a spiny, globular cape representing the virus, which Moriyama wears as he performs to express the joy of dancing and life even despite the dangers of the disease.

And in commenting on “zero,” Moriyama says the aim is to get back to the basis of the human body … and create “episode zero” of “LIVE BONE.”

Presented by: The Japan Foundation (JF) (https://www.jpf.go.jp/e/)

<Performance Credits>

Dance and Choreography: MORIYAMA Kaiji (https://www.kaijimoriyama.com/)
Costume: HIBINO Kodue
Music: KAWASE Kohske

Lighting Designer: KUSHIDA Akiyo
Sound Engineer: TAKASHIO Ken
Stage Director: KAWAKAMI Daijiro

Assistant Costume Designer: HONDA Naomi
Costume Staff: YUMOTO Mayumi, AKIYAMA Yoshie, YAMAMOTO Asuka
Assistant Sound Engineer: OZONO Koji
Assistant Film Director: TAKESHI Naoki
Assistant Advertising Photographer: OMORI Tadaaki
Assistant Stage Director: MORIYAMA Marie

Production Manager: NOGUCHI Namiko
Assistant Production Manager: MURAMATSU Kaori, TARUMIZU Shiori

Planning and Organizing: GALLERY A⁴ (http://www.a-quad.jp/index_e.html)
SHIRAKAWA Hironobu (Director), OKABE Michiyo (Vice Director, Chief Curator), ISHII Yasutomo (Secretary General), TOKUHIRA Kei, FUKAZAWA Yuria, MANABE Yoriko, FUTO Kazumi, KISHITA Minako, KITAHARA Hideo

“zero” premiered as an opening event for GALLERY A⁴ 15th anniversary exhibition “GALLERY A⁴: 15 Years and Beyond”.

Recording: December 20, 2020, Entrance Hall of the Takenaka Corporation Tokyo main office
Film Director, Shooting, Editor: FUJIMURA Kohei
Official Stage Photographer: KOHSAI Shouma
Advertising Photographer: SUNAHARA Aya

<Promotional Text>
TANAKA Nobuko (English), KAWAZOE Fumiko (Japanese)

End date of distribution: 30/6/2022